Americans Furious Over Their Own Failures As Oil Price Hits Spikes Not Seen in 30 Years (VIDEO)


WASHINGTON/RIYADH – Stock markets that opened just a day after the Houthi retaliatory drone attack on Saudi Arabia, which happened on September 14, reacted and the results made the United States quite angry. The oil prices made the sharpest single-day surge in the last three decades. Yemen’s Houthi rebels claimed responsibility for the attack. Iraq rushed to state its non-involvement, and the US (as usual) blamed Iran for everything and even promised to open its oil reserves in order to keep the oil prices down.

This is done in order to stop high oil prices which would be of great benefit to Russia, Iran and Venezuela. The last time this happened was during the foreign instigated Libyan Civil War in 2011. Trump made a lot of tweets trying to convince the world that the US is full of oil, that they aren’t affected by the situation in the Middle East, but they will, however, help the Saudis, their “allies”.

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