Anniversary of the start of WWII and the Historo-Psywar against Russia 2.0

But it turns out that it is not enough to have won, it is further necessary not to let this victory be stolen from us

Thank you for victory, honoring the Immortal Regiment
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Rex Information Agency [IA rex]

The liberation of Poland cost the Red Army the lives of 600,000 Soviet soldiers

September 3, 2019 2:00 p.m.

The Soviet Union defeated the Third Reich in 1945 and a red flag was hoisted over the Reichstag. But it turns out that it is not enough to have won, it is further necessary not to let this victory be stolen from us, the military-political analytics TG channel reports.The rewriting projects of the history and mythologization of World War II have been developing in the West for a long time. For example, the propaganda cliches: “they threw corpses”, “they won against Stalin,” the books of the traitor Rezun, equating German chauvinism with its misanthropic state ideology with the USSR. And now this “Sabbath” is taking place at the European level with the participation of top governmental officials.

September 1 is the sad anniversary of the outbreak of World War II. 80 years ago, German troops invaded Poland and quickly suppressed the resistance of the Poles. Two and a half weeks later – September 17, 1941 – the Red Army entered the eastern regions of this country. The decision was made with the following motivation: “… Since the Polish state and its government ceased to exist, the Soviet Union is obliged to take under its protection the life and property of the population of Western Ukraine and Western Belarus …”

On the same day, the Polish authorities and the high command left the country. Western Ukraine and Belarus were included in the respective Soviet republics.
In the occupied Polish territory, the German Nazis set up six death camps in which millions of innocent people were murdered.
The liberation of Poland by war’s end cost the Red Army the lives of 600,000 Soviet soldiers.
And 80 years later, on the round anniversary of the start of the Second World War, representatives from Russia — successor of the USSR — were not invited.

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In their place, the leaders of the EU countries arrived, who uttered defiant statements.Thus, the President of Germany, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, ex-Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany, found it appropriate to say thanks, not to Moscow, but to Washington.

The bumbling British Prime Minister Boris Johnson compared the actions of the USSR at the beginning of World War II with the aggression of the Third Reich. Polish National Defense Minister Blaszczak lamented that his country had not received reparations from Germany because of Russia, which had decided for her. Berlin is absolutely not enthusiastic about such ideas from the sovereign Warsaw. The Polish minister insists that the issue is not closed, so we can hardly expect mutual understanding between these neighbors.

Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid even joked that the war ended for her country in 1994 with the withdrawal of the occupation forces. All this tension of informational nonsense clearly fits into the logic of the psychohistorical war against Russia, about which our channel wrote earlier.

Obviously, had the USSR been preserved and such statements would not have been impossible.
Even the hare kicks a dead lion. Trump did not fly to Warsaw, leaving his vice president to do so. Now it’s not the Americans dancing on the bones of the defeated giant, but their European vassals.

The world is rapidly changing before our eyes. The German elites, watching the collapse of the globalist order, sigh across the United States of the post-war status.
Eastern European countries, not having an image of their future, are building their policies on frantic denial and rewriting of the past.
It looks ridiculous and stupid, but they cannot stop on their own.
Russia urgently needs its own development project, a new ideology, an image of the future, involving active integration in the post-Soviet space. Only the elimination of the economic, political and military imbalance between our country and the collective West can broadly curb this rampant coven.
It’s time for us to switch from reflection on events and excuses before the “world community” to a powerful information attack on the Anglo-Saxons and the “Slav brothers” that joined them, exchanging honor and dignity for sausage.
Otherwise, we can stay on the sidelines of history.

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