ANTONOPOULOS tells ex-AKP politician that Erdogan created YPG in Syria (VIDEO)


MOSCOW – President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday that Russia and Turkey had agreed to deal with the jihadist forces operating in the northwest Syrian province of Idlib and to “normalize” the situation there after a Syrian army offensive encircled terrorists and a Turkish military post.

“Together with Turkey’s president we have outlined additional joint steps to neutralize the terrorists’ nests in Idlib and normalize the situation there and in the whole of Syria as a result,” Putin told a joint briefing with Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Erdogan, standing alongside Putin, said it was unacceptable that Syrian forces were “raining death on civilians from the air and land under the pretence of battling terrorism.”

He also said Turkey had the right to self-defense on its border, without a sense of hypocrisy that it was they who destablized the border region by supporting terrorist groups in the region.

“I conveyed our country’s determination on this matter personally to my dear friend Mr Putin,” Erdogan added.

Fort Russ News’ Paul Antonopoulos appeared on Indus News on Wednesday with ex-AKP politician (Erdogan’s political party) Egemen Bagis and Dr. Gilbert Doctorow.

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In the interview, Mr/ Bagis attempted to highlight that Turkey does not discriminate and fights against all terrorist groups, including Daesh, Al-Qaeda, YPG and PKK. Of course, this is a preposterous remark to make considering the detailed and long documented evidence of the close coordination of the Al-Qaeda terrorist groups and the Turkish military.

In it, Mr. Bagis claimed that Turkey was fighting for the civilians of Syria but of course did not acknowledge that their issue is with the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), but they they were also the ones who created the very conditions of the YPG to emerge in Syria. All Kurdish militias were expelled from Syria over a decade ago, but re-emerged with the destabilization of Syria and needed to create units to protect their communities and interests.

“They’ve now created their own kind of Frankstein problem that they now need to sort out,” Antonopoulos said indirectly to Mr. Bagis in relation to the YPG in Syria.

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