ARCTIC: Effects of Global Warming in Russia’s North (VIDEO)


Arctic, Russia – Today, Russia officially expanded its northern borders. New lands discovered in the Arctic were added to the Russian Federation. These are islands in the Kara Sea. There are five newly discovered islands in total. The largest of them is as big as two Red Squares. The smallest is just 900 square meters (9,600 sq feet). It’s about 1/10 of a football field. The process is more important than the size of the land discovered because the new territories were discovered three years ago from a satellite. However, on-site reconnaissance was conducted just now.

Still, Russia isn’t only gaining territories. Global warming is causing the glaciers to melt, thus contributing to the rise of sea level. This process is causing coastal areas to shrink very slowly, but gradually. The effects have been negative but in some cases even positive, as in some areas of Russia, the permafrost gave way to arable land.

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