Boris Johnson on the Verge of Disaster as Parliament Moves Against the “No-Deal Brexit” (VIDEO)


LONDON – The decisive battle of the “civil war”. This is how the London newspapers call the discussion that’s taking place in the British Parliament. Members of the Parliament, having returned after the summer break, have only a few days to legally ban the government from carrying out a no-deal Brexit. Among Conservatives, conspiracy is brewing in support of the opposition. Even former Chancellor of the Exchequer Hammond has joined it. As a result, by the end of the day, the British pound fell to a three-year low, and Boris Johnson lost a majority in the House of Commons.

Boris Johnson, the recently-appointed Prime Minister, is an epitome of the controversial divisions currently present in the British society. Previously, the question of independence initiatives in Scotland, soon afterward, the question of Brexit, immigration, their special relations with the United States, etc, has sharply divided the society and it will be a long time until the divisions are overcome.

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