BREAKING: ‘Evil, Aggressive’ Russian Clothes Invade Helpless Latvia, State Security ‘Saves The Day’ (VIDEO)


RIGA/MOSCOW – If you thought the headline was supposed to be a clickbait, you would be partially right. However, it’s not in order to gain readership, but to show just how insane the MSM-induced Russophobia is. Russian aggression, Russian invasion, aggressive Putin, the little green men, etc. are the buzzwords constantly used by the Western mainstream media in order to denigrate Russia and foster ardent Russophobia. The so-called Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania) are well-known, or better said, infamous for their fervent Russophobia. Despite Russians being the largest ethnic minority in all three states (a third of the population of Estonia and Latvia, and almost 10% in Lithuania), they are deprived of their basic human rights.

Of course, the West turns a blind eye to this. The latest example of this irrational, fervent hatred on part of the Latvian political leadership is seen in the ridiculous raid targeting a Russian clothing store. According to the Latvian State Security Service, the clothes create an impression that a person is a member of the Russian Armed Forces and helps “promote the geopolitical course” of Russia. That was an official statement by the Latvian State Security Service. They’re ready to “bravely” fight the new onset of the so-called Russian threat.

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