China is NOT messing around, But Does it Really Put Muslims in Camps (VIDEO)


Urumqi, Xinjiang, China – Street protests have been held in Chinese Hong Kong for almost three months. Some even compare them with Moscow’s, although the scale is still not comparable. But the Americans evidently interfere with the situation in Hong Kong in a recognizable manner. The Chinese authorities have repeatedly demanded that the U.S. doesn’t interfere in the internal affairs of the country and whip up the crowd. It’s clear that many-thousand protests don’t pass without provocations by the protesters. The Chinese police detain especially active citizens, without hesitating to use force. This is expected from any self-respecting (super)power, which China most definitely is.

The hypocrisy of the Western media is seen in the coverage of Hong Kong protests, while there’s a lack of coverage of the much worse and much longer Yellow Vests protests that have been sweeping through the whole of France and elsewhere in Europe. However, the most atrocious lies about China don’t have anything to do with Hong Kong, but with Xinjiang and the Muslim population living there. More often than not, media from the West and the petrodollar Gulf monarchies denigrate China by running stories of the so-called “camps” (blatantly implying the Nazi analogy) for ethnic Uyghurs and other predominantly Muslim minorities of the Chinese northwestern autonomous province of Xinjiang. Let’s see what Uyghurs themselves have to say about how “oppressed” they are.

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