Chinese Armed Forces rehearse military parade with weapons never seen before (PHOTOS)


BEIJING – Chinese military rehearsed a military parade this weekend on the streets of the capital, Beijing, with weapons never before revealed to the public.

This weekend, the Chinese capital became the rehearsal stage for the military parade due on October 1. On the occasion, the Chinese will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China. What many did not expect is the air of mystery the rehearsal had.

Covered with tarpaulins, various armaments were transported by military trucks during the rehearsal. The design of the equipment looks nothing like the Chinese showed before their arsenal. Apparently, the weapons in question would be new acquisitions by the country’s armed forces.

In this picture you can see what would be two halves of some kind of drone, or two unmanned aircraft.

Already in this image you can see a small truck carrying a kind of mini helicopter.

In these photographs published on a social network you can see a drone-like object, plus a rocket platform and supposedly the DF-41 and DF-31AG intercontinental ballistic missiles.

In yet another publication, a vehicle carries an object with aerodynamic characteristics, which suggests that it may be a hypersonic unmanned vehicle.

Beijing tries to hide the mystery of new weapons until the last minute. Now just wait until October 1st to find out what they really are.

Meanwhile, last week it was revealed that inspired by a spider, the new Chinese combat drone is able to wrap its target in a net, leaving it “powerless” and dragging it into a fall.

Chinese engineers have developed a combat drone capable of firing a 16-square-meter net at its target, local media reported.

The new device will also be able to carry out intelligence missions and bombard enemy forces. Chinese public television released a video showing the drone “capturing” another unmanned device, also remotely controlled, during an exercise.

Designed by the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, a state entity, the drone is equipped with a camera that helps you detect targets.

According to the CCTV television channel, the device has the ability to identify and intercept other drones, whose presence in airspace is not authorized.

Spider drone testing has been ongoing for at least a year. According to experts quoted by European media, the new device will be able to operate in parallel with ground-based missile systems and radar.

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