CNN at it Again: Russiagate 2.0 (VIDEO)


WASHINGTON, D.C. – With Russiagate deader than ever (even revealing actual meddling on part of some other countries), the psychotic Russophobes in the US mainstream media are going insane, to say the least. They simply need another Russophobic trope, literally anything that could showcase the “evil Russia, evil Putin threatening our freedom and democracy”. And even when they can’t find literally anything, they do what they’re best at. They LIE. Big time. They lie so much, that even the US President Trump has openly and repeatedly called them FAKE NEWS, which they most definitely are. Primarily because they did all they could to earn the title.

This time, an almost completely unknown man, Oleg Smolenkov, an alleged US spy “deep in Kremlin”, is being used to show how Trump is “Putin’s puppet”. He actually worked in the Kremlin administration but was fired several years ago. Moreover, his position didn’t imply regular contact with or meetings with top officials. That’s what Dmitry Peskov said about Oleg Smolenkov, who the American media, citing “secret” sources in the CIA (it’s always secret and we never actually know who those people are), declared to be an American intelligence agent. All of this is served, naturally, under the long-sour source of rumors about Donald Trump’s connection with Russia, Russian interference in the U.S. election, and the need to oppose Moscow.

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