Commander reveals how Russia protects its bases in Syria from terrorirst air attacks

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The commander of the Russian anti-aircraft missile regiment based at Syria’s Hmeymim airfield said to Sputnik about the protection of the air base as well as the naval base in the port of Tartus from air strikes by militants.

According to the commander, the task of the regiment is to protect Hmeymim Air Base and Tartus port facilities from drones and rockets, as well as tactical aviation and cruise missiles.

“Here a staggered air defense system was created, which includes S-400 long range systems and Tor-M2 and Pantsir-S1 short range systems,” he said.

The commander emphasized that thanks to these means the military has the ability to destroy all types of air targets at depths of 20 to 250 kilometers.

Detect and eliminate

The commander also highlighted the Tor-M2 and Pantsir-S1 air defense systems by adding details.

“They effectively deal with the task of destroying small unmanned aerial vehicles, which have a small actual dispersal surface, as well as high-speed projectiles from actively used industrial and craft multiple rocket launch systems by the militants,” he said.

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According to him, all information about the air situation is collected from radars of the radio battalion, as well as the means of reconnaissance owning the command post of the regiment and the anti-aircraft missile divisions.

“Combat operations are managed in a fully automated manner, from the moment of air target detection and monitoring to the decision to eliminate air targets,” concluded the regimental commander.

Meanwhile, in the middle of the Syrian desert, Russian military specialists teach the various techniques of combat to the military of the Arab country.

Coordination with armored forces , mine hunting techniques, and improved shooting were some of the approaches during training.

Russia has significantly supported the Syrian Armed Forces in training for diverse combat conditions.

The training content can be used to combat terrorists in the country.

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