DUGIN: The Debate – BH Levy proves Liberalism has ‘Zero Game’

By Alexandr Dugin

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Editor’s note: So this actually happened – yesterday, Russian Philosopher, Dr. Alexander Dugin debated Bernard-Henry Levy, in what many have branded the ‘debate of the century’. Next to the debate between Zizek and Peterson, this debate will go down in history as a critical turning point in the development of the broad public’s engagement with serious thinkers. The audience in Amsterdam was stacked such that Levy was playing a ‘home-court’ game, but Dugin nevertheless made point after substantive point against Levy’s weak gestures and transparent attempts to flatter the audience’s biases and play himself to the audience’s prejudices.

Levy was interested only in attacking all of Russia, Russian history, and broadly smeared the entire civilizational project of Russia as ‘right-wing’. This is only possible in an early 21st century upside-down world of dying mono-polarity, where the enshrined right of peoples to self-determination is ‘right-wing’ – the foundational principles of the post-war order and of the UN are ‘right-wing’. Such principles would not have existed if the actual-existing militant movements for liberation, in the anti-colonial and post-colonial struggles were not realities. And this in turn would not have been such without the existence of the USSR, and later the Non-Aligned Movement. This means that ‘right-wing’ has no operationalizable definition from the perspective of Atlanticist liberalism.

So why would Levy agree to debate Dugin? Afterall, from a position of power, no such debate is necessary or proscribed from the POV of western transatlanticism. The reality is that the multipolar revolution has already succeeded. This is something that FRN covered in real time, and dutifully covered to its conclusion, from the failure to draw Russia into a regional war, to the failure to derail the self-determination of Syria, to the failure to unseat Venezuela from the stage of world-history. The deployment of BHL is itself a sign of defeat. The ‘debate’ is just an epilogue in that sense.

FRN will publish video of the debate as soon as it’s available. – J. Flores


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By Alexandr Dugin – The debates with B.H.Levy in Amsterdam. I ve discovered that BHL is so ignorant that he even doesn t know what he has written in his last book. We could not exclude that he uses someone’s else job. Debates of the century began with my question about “Empire of nothing” (sic! his own expression in description of globalist liberal West). He immediately started to refuse being nihilist accusing in nihilism fascism and myself. And so on. Pure Macheschaft – eternal return of the same.

He confessed that he deeply loves real Russia – Fatherland of Solzhenitsin, Sakharov and Politkovskaya. When i politely remarked that Solzhenitsin was slavophile, traditionalist and Russian nationalist (not to speak about his late criticism of Russian jewry) it was clear that he has hardly read something more than wikipedia article on Gulag Archipelago.

His defense of liberty of Western press being “totally objective and independent” was brilliant. We will publish full text and everyone will be able to judge him(her)self. That was lucky for him that his aggressive insult on Putin accusing him to build the monument of Stalin in Gori (!) was made behind the scene. I have impression that he is three floors lower than his own writings that are themselves far from interesting but sometimes have some pertinent remarks for example on evaporization of American Empire.

That was not zero sum game that was rather zero game. It seems that there are two (may be more) parallel Universes with no gnoseological bridges between. BHL lives in unipolarity passing difficult times (illiberals attack), the rest of humanity is already in multipolarity facing completely different challenges and problems.

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