Egypt and UAE pound Turkish military in Libya, dead and wounded evacuated to Turkey


Scaling up bombings in Libya with Egyptian Rafale, UAE drones pounding Turkish bases across the country forcing Turkey’s defense ministry to order the immediate transport of wounded and dead Turkish soldiers back to Ankara.

At the same time, Russian technicians rushed to Libya to support the Army.

Recently, Khaf Haftar’s Commander of Operations, General Mabrouk al-Ghazawi, said that operations would continue until the last hostile Turkish target in the air, sea or land, has left the country.

“We hit Turkish sites and infrastructure across the country along business lines from the city of Sirt to the city of Zuwara in the west,” he said.

Following the sweeping bombardment of Turkish positions at Mitiga airport, a Ukrainian 74-5ACCA An-74 transporter landed at 3:10 pm local time to pick up dead and injured Turks, something the LNA spokesman acknowledged.

The aircraft took off 50 minutes later, at 4:00 am local time loaded with a large number of ambulances. Later the same aircraft was found to have entered Turkish airspace at 6:35 am local time.

The arrival of Russian technical and military advisers to Libya has been a source of concern in Turkey and the GNA, which is confirmed by the downfall of the Russian UAV Orlan-10 in Ain Zara, south of Tripoli.

Russian technicians reportedly repaired General Khalifa Haftar’s armored vehicles and artillery systems.

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According to a document posted on the Proekt website, 23 Russian technicians searched and repaired 100 T-55, 10 T-72, 35 T-62, 77 TOMA BMP-1, 10 MT-LB, 21 armored tanks, BREM collection vehicles, 41 BRDM-2 reconnaissance vehicles, 20 2S1, 1 2S3 and 6 BM-21 RPGs.

The first Egyptian Rafale operation took place in May 2017. At the time of al-Sisi’s command, Egyptian Rafale from the Gebel El Basu air base were bombing targets in Libya for three days.

The second operation took place on May 26-27, 2018, when Al Sisi also sent F-16s that took off from his country’s western base.

Air strikes continue even today as Haftar needs them.

All indications suggest that the conflict in Libya will end soon, as after the support of Russia, the UAE and Egypt to Haftar, and the USAF carried out the first bombings in Libya after the launch of Operation Commander in April.

All this while diplomats under US ambassador to Libya Richard Norland had a summit with the commander in Abu Dhabi to end the conflict.

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