ESTONIA: Ukraine’s ‘Ally’ or A Cheap Labor Predator (VIDEO)


TALLINN/KIEV – The so-called Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) are well-known, or better said, infamous for their fervent Russophobia. Despite Russians being the largest ethnic minority in all three states (a third of the population of Estonia and Latvia, and almost 10% in Lithuania), they are deprived of their basic human rights. Of course, the West turns a blind eye to this. However, this discrimination isn’t only targeted against ethnic Russians. Ukrainians, whose home country is an ‘ally’ of Ukraine, face the same level of discrimination. Estonia, as well as other Baltic states, faced with a severe outflow of its population to the West, needs cheap labor. And the source of cheap labor for Estonia is Ukraine, which has been “doing great” since the Western-backed coup in 2014.

Yet, some in the Estonian leadership hate Russians so much, that they don’t want to see more Ukrainians in Estonia, primarily because they consider them to be the same people as Russians. The Estonian minister of the interior stated that it’s necessary to cancel the visa-free regime for Ukrainian citizens. Mart Helme promised to introduce this initiative to the parliament because of the large number of arriving labor migrants. According to him, the Baltic republic should be able to decide whom and for how long to admit independently.

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