Flashback: Aftermath of Beslan Terror Attack – Putin Addresses Russia In Its Darkest Hour; 15 Years on, He Kept His Promise (VIDEO)


MOSCOW – What we can see in the following video is Putin’s address to Russian citizens on the Beslan tragedy (04.09.2004). Few people in Russia can forget that heinous day. On September 1, 2004, a disgusting act of terror perpetrated by Islamic terrorists from the North Caucasus snuffed out the lives of hundreds of Russian school children on their way to their first day of classes. The nation reeled back in shock at the absolute barbarity and ethnic hatred that was put on display in Beslan.

President Putin – still at the beginning of his Presidency – addressed the nation and promised justice as well as a new, stronger Russia capable of standing up to the new threats posed by NATO’s terrorist and the growing Islamic threat. Fast forward to 2019, we see that President Vladimir Putin kept all of his promises. The bear is back. Russia is one of the leading powers of the world and its struggle against terrorism has led to the final defeat of terrorism in Russia as well as the premier capability to fight terrorism outside Russia, saving countries like Syria in the process.

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