Granit missile voted best Russian weapon against U.S. aircraft carrier

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MOSCOW – Russian anti-ship Granit cruise missiles are the most powerful for reaching US carriers and their naval groups, writes Chinese portal Sohu.

According to the author of the article, it was this weaponry that Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu mentioned in a recent interview when talking about the weapons Russia has to face US aircraft carriers. The minister said Pentagon spends its budget on creating new carrier groups, while Russia has as a priority the creation of systems to combat these ships. This attitude is more economical and efficient, Shoigu stressed.

According to the head of the Russian Defense, of all anti-ship missile systems developed in Russia since the Cold War, Granit is the most far-reaching weapon with the greatest ability to cause damage to aircraft carriers.

Granit is capable of hitting targets at a distance of over 600 kilometers, while US carrier groups can only defend a zone with a radius of 550 kilometers.

“Granit meets all the demands of Russian weapons aimed at striking aircraft carriers,” the report said.

As the author of the publication writes, the missile warhead can be replaced by a nuclear unit of up to 500 kilotons in TNT equivalent, allowing it to reach large surface targets in the water.

Omsk nuclear submarine

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In September, Russia’s Pacific Fleet conducted military exercises during which a Granit missile was launched from the Omsk nuclear submarine. The missile successfully reached the target at a distance of about 350 kilometers.

The Omsk submarine is often called the “carrier killer”. According to military experts, this is due to the fact that it is equipped with 24 Granit cruise missiles. Each is capable of sinking an opponent’s naval group with a single blow.

Meanwhile, it was revealed last week that USS Nitze was reportedly sent to the coast of Saudi Arabia according to the US TV channel. The measure would aim to plug the “hole” in the Saudi air defense.

The move would be a response to recent attacks on Saudi oil facilities, which the United States claims was by Iran.

Washington said missiles and drones from the Persian country would have entered the Saudi northeast, where the USS Nitze would have been sent. During the attack, the country’s air defense failed.

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