Greek PM demands Albania stop discrimination against ethnic Greek minority


During a recent press conference the Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis clearly answered a question (in three parts) on the course of the Greek-Albanians relations.

Mitsotakis described it as a huge issue and sent a clear message to the neighboring country.

He said, “Greece will not consent to start accession negotiations with Albania unless I see practical measures to remove discrimination against the ethnic Greek minority in the country.”

In fact, he stressed that he had raised this issue in his contacts with European leaders, such as French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, among many others. This is especially crucial because there is a debate on it at the European Council in October.

A Greek minority accounting for up to 10% of Albania’s population is located in the south of the country, otherwise known to the Greeks as Northern Epirus, seperated from Epirus in the northwest of Greece.

Despite Albania occupying the Greek region of Northern Epirus since 1941 in the midst of World War 2, the Greek minority has remained. The Albanian government attempts to linguistically destroy the Greek minority and steal their property.

Meanwhile, when Mitsotakis was asked about the Greek privatizations of milk, which are also of particular concern in the northwestern region of Epirus, the Prime Minister said that “we will be relentless” by adding: “We want to tackle the issue of illegalalities whether we are talking about milk or pork. We will continue to develop technology products because I am interested in how this issue will be resolved where sampling checks can make the traceability of the raw material.”

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At the same conference, tax cuts were discussed.

Tax cuts aimed at boosting the middle class have been announced by Kyriakos Mitsotakis from the 84th TIF step, where he first spoke as prime minister. These range from keeping the tax-free and the extra tax-free for every child, to reducing tax rates.

Among those announced by Kyriakos Mitsotakis are also discounts for those who want to renovate or upgrade their property, as well as the abolition of the business fee and solidarity levy.

The tax breaks coming this year and next year are:

– Reduces in the rate of income up to 10,000 euros to 9%, from 22% today.
– Tax on new agricultural schemes will be 10%, and a new law on agricultural cooperatives is coming to the House immediately.
– Reduce business tax from 28% to 24% and dividends from 10% to 5%.
– VAT suspended on new buildings for 3 years.
– Cost of renovation or upgrading of buildings reduced by 40%.
– Property tax also suspended.
-In the medium term, but not in 2020, the trade fee and the solidarity levy will be abolished.
-In 2020, one will be given a 2,000 euro allowance for each new child. Excluding those who belong to a very high income category.
-Infants, as well as helmets and baby seats are subject to a reduced VAT rate of 13%.
– An additional tax free of EUR 1,000 per child is provided. And monthly support of 180 euros for kindergarten.

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