HERE WE GO AGAIN: Warhawk Here to Stay, Bolton Finds Employment (VIDEO)


WASHINGTON/KIEV – Just when we thought we got rid of yet another warhawk, here he is again. John Bolton spent less than a day jobless. The former National Security Advisor is self-employed again. He heads two of his political action committees. They call them “super PACs” (PAC – political action committee) in the U.S. The headquarters is just four blocks away from the White House. So they didn’t even have to move far. They just had to dust off their political baggage. And the incubator of American hawks is back at work again.

On September 10, President Trump fired his National Security Advisor, John Bolton. Trump announced his decision through Twitter. And he frankly explained to journalists that A: Bolton didn’t get along with the president’s team at the White House and B: He made major foreign policy mistakes. As an example, Trump mentioned Bolton upsetting the positive dynamics in the North Korea negotiations when Bolton decided to threaten Kim Jong-un with the Libyan scenario.

However, among many of Bolton’s diplomatic failures (in particular thanks to the lack of diplomatic posture on his end), one particular situation caused Trump’s anger. With polls showing Trump’s approval rating at 39%, the US President is urgently in need of something to show for if he is to get re-elected in 2020. And it has to the with Bolton’s hard-line on Ukraine. Donald Trump desperately needs the situation in Ukraine to be resolved in his favor. Or better said, he needs Ukrainegate.

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