HILARIOUS: Kiev Wants To Pay MORE for Russian Gas Exported to EU, Instead of Buying it Directly From Russia (VIDEO)


MOSCOW/BRUSSELS/KIEV – The Reichskommissariat Ukraine, officially known just as Ukraine, has shown once again what a textbook example of a neocolony looks like. Independent countries are greatly interested in things that benefit their citizens. However, (Reichskommissariat) Ukraine has shown anything but taking care of its citizens. With winter coming in mere months, it would be expected to see the country’s leadership ease tensions with Russia and buy the much needed natural gas. Russia even offered a 25% discount. This would ensure the safety of European consumers and also give Ukrainian citizens a secure and stable gas supply. Still, Ukraine prefers to (re)import Russian gas from the EU.

The entire amount of gas stipulated under the agreement will be supplied to European consumers, regardless of the changes in Ukrainian legislation. This was stated by Minister of Energy Alexander Novak after the trilateral Russia-Ukraine-EU negotiations in Brussels. He added that there is also an option of booking the pipeline by auction. As for the head of Gazprom, Alexey Miller, he emphasized the record-breaking amount of gas has already been pumped into European storage units.

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