Historical Revisionism And Russophobia Continue Unabated, Bulgarian Blogger Wants Red Army Memorial Demolished (VIDEO)


SOFIA – Bulgarian MFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) stated that the Soviet Union brought repression and limitation of freedom to Europe. That is how diplomats reacted to the intention of the Russian Cultural Center in Sofia to organize an exhibition dedicated to the 75th anniversary of victory over Nazism. The exposition hasn’t even opened yet, but still, the Bulgarian foreign-policy establishment decided to voice their criticism beforehand.

It should be noted that Bulgaria owes its existence to Russia. In the mid-19th century, the territory of modern-day Bulgaria was an Ottoman backwater, while Ottoman irregulars were known for their cruelty towards the Bulgarian population living there. All this came to an end when the Russian Imperial Army single-handedly defeated the Ottoman occupiers and liberated the country.

Bulgaria “returned the favor” by backstabbing Russia, not once or twice, but three times in less than 90 years. In World War I, it fought on the side of the Central Powers, along with its former oppressor, the Ottomans, against Russia, without whom it wouldn’t have existed. In World War II, it was a willful ally of Nazi Germany, and nowadays, it’s a NATO member-state.

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