Is DW about to be kicked out of Russia?

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MOSCOW – The accreditation of the German media network Deutsche Welle (DW) can be revoked if no representative of the media is at the meeting of the Commission of the Duma (Russian Lower House) for the prevention of interference in internal affairs of Russia, the deputy and member of the commission Adalbi Shjagoshev said.

“I will address them through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Roskomnadzor [Russian media regulator], warning of their possible suspension or provisional annulment of the accreditation of their representation in Russia if they do not react and continue to refuse to attend,” said Shjagoshev.

He noted that DW “categorically rejects a civilized dialogue.”

“We in the State Duma are ready to reach the end,” Shjagoshev said.

He said that the representatives of Deutsche Welle were already invited to the next meeting of the commission on September 27, but there was no response from them.

On August 8, the Russian Foreign Ministry accused DW of inciting unauthorized protests in Moscow.

DW rejected accusations of interference in Russian internal affairs and made it clear that it does not intend to participate in meetings of a parliamentary commission investigating such episodes.

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“An objective coverage is a basic rule of our journalistic work. And this excludes any interference in the internal affairs of other nations,” said DW Chief of General Directorate Johannes Hoffmann in a letter sent to Deputy Vasili Piskariov, head of a parliamentary commission investigating cases of foreign interference.

In his response, published on the website of the State Duma (Lower House of the Russian Parliament), Hoffmann questioned that DW can contribute to such an investigation and clarified that he replies to a letter sent to the office of the German company in Moscow because the employees of the same “do not have the necessary competences in this matter.”

Regarding a possible participation of DW representatives in a commission meeting, he said that it is not possible for legal reasons, given that the medium is subject to regulatory bodies in Germany.

“To discuss the matter in detail, allow me to invite you to Bonn or Berlin for a meeting with the CEO of Deutsche Welle,” he concluded.

On August 8, the Russian Foreign Ministry accused DW of calling for participation in unauthorized protests in Moscow.

The refusal of the Moscow Election Commission to register several independent candidates for local elections on September 8, for not complying with the legal requirements, served as a reason for several concentrations in July and August, some of them not agreed with the authorities, which resulted in some 1,700 arrests.

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