Israeli Pundit Accuses the US of Creating Al-Qaeda, Defends Iran (VIDEO)


TEL AVIV – Yakov Kedmi, public figure, and an Israeli defense and geopolitical expert:

“As for the first terrorist organizations and Al-Qaeda when it operated in Chechnya, and when Al-Khattab, funded by bin Laden, was organizing training camps for terrorists in Chechnya, they didn’t just turn a blind eye to that. They watched it in amusement, they even welcomed this. ‘They’re fighting for their freedom after all,’ they said. I mean, you can’t call it fighting. Meanwhile, Islamic terrorist, Islamic extremist ideology, in its most monstrous form kept on developing. Nobody hindered that. On the contrary, it was energized.”

Kedmi also talked about the Western support of Islamic terrorism in Afghanistan, where it all started, funded by Saudi Arabia and other rich Gulf monarchies. The CIA and MI6 trained and armed the then-nascent Al-Qaeda because they only cared about seeing as many dead Russians as possible. No matter the cost. They continued doing so by supporting Islamic extremism in Bosnia and Kosovo, where they used terrorists as cannon fodder against Serbian security forces.

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