Japan considers China more dangerous than North Korea


TOKYO – Japan has updated its list of national security threats and puts China ahead of North Korea.

The Japanese government has warned of China’s growing military power and says the Asian giant has become a greater threat to national security than North Korea.

Japan has raised its military spending by 10% over the past seven years to counter the military advances of Beijing and Pyongyang. The budget was used to develop and deploy defenses against North Korean missiles, which can carry nuclear warheads, according to the tabloid Express.

North Korea has carried out a series of short-range missile launches, which Tokyo considers to be evidence that Pyongyang was developing projectiles to pierce Aegis missile defense.

However, China’s presence in the Japan Sea is also deeply worrying the Japanese government.

According to the Japanese Defense White Paper, Chinese patrols in waters and airspace near Japanese territory are “a national security concern.”

Faced with the Chinese “threat,” the Japanese are trying to boost their military power and have requested a budget of $1.23 billion to modernize their forces by purchasing nine US stealth fighters. F-35 and other advanced weapons.

However, it can be said that the Japanese are still far from matching the Chinese forces, which are advancing considerably with new aircraft carriers and other military equipment.

Meanwhile, the People’s Liberation Army Navy held the opening ceremony of its first amphibious assault ship, according to a statement from the Chinese Ministry of Defense.

The launching ceremony , accompanied by the national anthem, was held in Shanghai on Wednesday morning. After the country’s navy chiefs cut the ribbon, a bottle of champagne was broken against the ship’s port side, according to naval tradition.

Note that this is the first autonomously developed universal amphibious assault ship from China.

Then, according to the established plan, work will begin on the ship’s equipment adjustment, mooring and sea testing.

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