Living the American Dream (VIDEO)


Los Angeles, California, United States of America – When thinking of the much-vaunted American dream, Hollywood is the first thing that comes to mind. We see the world through rose-tinted glasses. For almost a century, Hollywood has been the most influential media enterprise in modern history. Its unmatched influence is felt to this day.

Still, Holywood is far from reality. When the reality comes in, it does so with a force of a shell. The sheer shock most foreigners experience when seeing how America’s streets really look like can be described in one sentence: “Well, maybe my country isn’t all that bad after all.”

As we all know, Hollywood is located in Los Angeles, which has its peculiarities. And just like Hollywood, it is usually associated with glamor and glitter. But in fact, the biggest and richest metropolis in the American West is very different. And not in a good way.

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