Looking ahead: Russia is already developing 6th generation fighters

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MOSCOW – Development of sixth generation fighters is underway in Russia, said Director General of the State Institute of Aviation Systems Research (GosNIIAS), Sergei Khokhlov.

“Work on the sixth generation is already underway. The main difference from the fifth generation lies in the fact that the basic version of the sixth generation fighter should not be manned. The possibility of pilot control will be optional,” said Khokhlov.

“All other features represent a further development of existing ones. Sixth generation fighters will be even faster, more maneuverable, even more inconspicuous, and so on,” the institute chief added.

Fifth-generation Su-57 fighter jets are currently being used in Russia. The country’s Aerospace Force will receive the first mass- produced Su-57 fighter by the end of this year, as a result of a contract to receive 76 Su-57 fighters signed at the ARM 2019 international military forum, which Russia hosted at the end of June.

This aircraft took off for the first time in 2010. According to the fighter’s creators, the modern avionics suite and high imperceptibility make the Su-57 outperform its competitors.

On the eve of MAKS 2019 International Aerospace Salon last month, Russian Hero and race pilot Yuri Vaschuk spoke about the most advanced fighter of the country’s Aerospace Forces.

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“The Su-57 fighter is the pride of the Russian Aerospace Forces and has no analogues in the world,” said the pilot in an interview with Zvezda weekly . Vaschuk rated the technical characteristics of the game as highly positive.

“In addition to minimal radar visibility at all wavelengths, including infrared and radio, the aircraft has extremely high maneuverability and can escape enemy attacks at supersonic speed without post-combustion,” said the pilot.

In addition, he added that the fighter is multifunctional and “can perform both air supremacy tasks and eliminate surface land and naval targets.”

He also pointed out that work on improving fighter combat capabilities continues today.

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