MACHADO: Exposing the Atlanticist Color Revolution in Hong Kong

By Raphael Machado

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By Raphael MachadoGeneral Secretary, New Resistance (Brazil and Latin America); political organizer, commentator, and theorist; attorney at law

Published on: Sep 5, 2019 

Since March 31st, a series of protests have been underway in Hong Kong, which are said to have been motivated by an extradition bill that would allow extraditions from the territory of Hong Kong to mainland China. At first, the project aimed to request the delivery of a suspect, from Hong Kong, in a murder case, to Taiwan in February. However, it was later proposed by the government to also have transfers of fugitives to mainland China and Macau.

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Some groups, such as entrepreneurs, journalists and foreign governments were not satisfied with the idea, as it would increase the risk that in Hong Kong foreigners could be sent to be tried in China under Chinese laws. Among the unhappy was Taiwan, Atlanticist Island in the Chinese domain, claiming that with the new law Taiwanese citizens in Hong Kong would risk being moved to China.

Several protests in Hong Kong, equal to many that we have seen arise from nothing in recent years in several countries not aligned with western globalism, such as the Arab springs, the maidan in Ukraine and anti-Maduro protests in Venezuela, in addition to the other “Color Revolutions”, such as the ones that took place in Eastern Europe from the 2000’s to take down sovereigntist governments and replace them with liberal puppets from the United States.

As we know, these color revolutions do not arise spontaneously by a popular will, but are orchestrated by agents of external subversion, such as the CIA, open society foundations, by George Soros, NGOs serving American interests, among other groups that have the function to destabilize nations.

For more than 150 years, Hong Kong was a British Colony, since part of it was surrendered to Britain after the first opium war (1839-1842). Soon after, China leased the rest to the British for a period of 99 years. In the early 1980’s, near the end of this leasing period, Deng Xiaoping’s Chinese government began negotiations with great Britain to regain its territory, staying firm that this would happen in 1997. According to the agreement, Hong Kong should follow a different political system than Chinese.

However, in recent years, ” human rights ” groups have accused China of interfering in Hong Kong, by imposing on the territory measures that would be considered ” Anti-Democratic “. This is nothing different from what we have seen in the examples mentioned. The interesting thing is that demonstrations of human rights groups against countries aligned with western interests never occur, such as Saudi Arabia, for example, a country that according to the criteria imposed on the world by the west, would be the one that would most provoke such from opponents and journalists.

Despite being separated from China for more than 150 years, victim of British imperialism, Hong Kong is part of China. About 96 % of its population is Chinese. Hong Kong did not leave China by popular will, but was ripped from its home country by force. It’s a Chinese territory that has been dismembered; Hong Kong’s return to China is just the repair of a mistake of more than a century and a half. Hong Kong is China, just as Kosovo is Serbia and the Falklands is Argentina.

Our reservations about China and our opposition to its predatory trade policy should not change the fact that we must oppose the hegemonic projects of the globalists and globalism. Always.

Freedom! Justice! Revolution!

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