MAJOR: 12,000 Victims Killed by ISIS Discovered in Iraqi Mass Graves

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BAGHDAD – Iraq’s High Commissioner of Human Rights disclosed that over 12,000 victims of the crimes committed by the ISIS are in hundreds of mass graves inside Iraq.

“There are around 200 mass graves containing bodies of people killed by the ISIL (also known as Islamic State, ISIS or Daesh) terrorist group in different parts of Iraq after the terrorists occupied Western Iraq in 2014,” member of Iraq’s High Commissioner of Human Rights Ali al-Bayati told al-Qud al-Arabi on Saturday.

He noted that Iraq’s mass graves contain bodies of over 12,000 victims killed by ISIS. Al-Bayati also noted that over 7,000 people had been abducted by the ISIS and half of them have not returned home yet, adding:

“According to the evidence we have obtained the kidnapped children and women have been trafficked to some Persian Gulf littoral states and also some Western, mostly European states.”

Back in August 2014, Daesh terrorists overran the town of Sinjar, killing, raping, and enslaving large numbers of Yazidis (Kurdish-speaking ethnic and religious minority living scattered over the Middle East). The region was recaptured in November 2015, during an operation by Kurdish Peshmerga forces and allied Yazidi resistance fighters.

The Office of Kidnapped Affairs in the northern Iraqi city of Dohuk said last year that around 3,500 Yazidi Kurds were still being held captive by Daesh (Islamic State, ISIS or ISIL), adding that a large proportion of the abductees were women and children, most likely forced to serve as sex slaves for the terrorist fighters.

The Endowments and Religious Affairs Ministry of Kurdistan Regional Government announced last August that Daesh’s genocide against Yazidis had forced nearly 360,000 members of the minority to flee their hometowns, and another 90,000 to leave Iraq and take refuge in other countries.

ISIS terrorist uprising in Iraq has caused the death of at least 70,000 people, while almost 6 million Iraqis were forced to flee their homes, especially from areas of northern and western Iraq. The initial attack, dubbed Northern Iraq offensive began on 4 June 2014, when the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria/Levant, supported by terrorist groups (later branded “moderate opposition” by Western MSM) began a major offensive in northern Iraq, which resulted in the capture of Mosul. The city was liberated in 2017, after 3 years of ISIS occupation.

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