MAJOR: AfD’s Success Sends Shock Waves Across Europe, Is Merkel Era Coming to an End (VIDEO)


BERLIN – The troubled European Union is close to suffering another severe blow. Apart from the Brexit boondoggle, another front could soon be opening. And the battleground is none other than the backbone of the EU – Germany. Deep changing processes are also developing in German politics, although they aren’t as dramatic as in the UK. However, they could drastically change the situation in the country in the coming years, and not only in the country but in the entire Old World.

The regional elections in the east of Germany, in the states of Brandenburg and Saxony, now attract lots of attention. On September 1st, there were elections to the regional parliaments. The main outcome was that the AfD (German: Alternative für Deutschland – Alternative for Germany, AfD) got the second biggest number of votes. Alternative for Germany is a right-wing leaning political party of Euroskeptics. It strongly opposes Angela Merkel’s migration policy.

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