MAJOR: British spy aircraft flies over area near Russian borders

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MOSCOW – A Bombardier Global Express Sentinel R.1 aircraft of the British Royal Air Force flew near Russia’s western border at 12.5 km altitude.

The flight was observed yesterday by the Plane Radar air monitoring service. According to him, the ZJ692 flight-record aircraft passed through Latvia and Estonia airspace near the Russian regions of Leningrad and Pskov.

“3:45 pm Moscow time (9:45 am EDT). British Royal Air Force Bombardier Global Express Sentinel R.1 reconnaissance aircraft, under registration number ZJ692, flies along the borders of the Leningrad and Pskov regions through Latvia and Estonia airspace,” the tweet said.

The aircraft twice reached the altitude of 12.5km during its reconnaissance operation.

Constant flights

This is not the first time military aircraft and drones from Western countries have been seen near Russian borders. In addition, appearances of unmanned aircraft near Russian bases in Syria became constant.

Last month, the American Boeing RC-135V took off from an air base in the United Kingdom and conducted intelligence flight around the Russian Kaliningrad region.

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The aircraft with registration number 64-14846 took off from the British Mildenhall area base pn August 15 at 14:25 Moscow, 8:25 am (GMT).

The intelligence plane then flew around the borders of Kaliningrad, forming a kind of square as shown in the image of Plane Radar air monitoring service.

Despite Moscow’s protests, Washington, in particular, is constantly maintaining its intelligence operations near Russian territories. Such operations can cause instability and create artificial tension between the US and Russia.

Professor at Moscow State Institute for International Relations (MGIMO), Aleksei Podberezkin, explained why the US often flies such flights.

“Americans make reconnaissance flights like this dozens of times. In principle, that would be a sign that they are preparing some military operation. If it were a real war, we would say they were preparing to attack. But in this case, the Americans are trying to maintain absolute control of the international areas around Kaliningrad,” said the professor.

The academic also stressed the psychological character of such actions. The goal would be to create false tension in the region.

“They try daily to remind Russia that there is military activity in that region. This provocative activity creates artificial tension that creates political pressure on Russia,” he adds.

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