MAJOR: Deconstructing the Grand Scheme – How US Tricks Countries into Selling Weapons to Terrorists (VIDEO)


SOFIA/BELGRADE – The USA supplies and sells weapons to terrorists in Yemen under the cover of a NATO operation. Most of Fort Russ News readers, who are all quite well informed might ask: “OK, what else is new?”, and most would be right.

However, most of the evidence we’ve had so far was what could be described as “circumstantial evidence” from a rigidly and purely legal point of view. Some would even call it “anecdotal evidence”. We all know that it’s true because the US’ and NATO’s fingerprints are all over the place, but we never had any rock-solid proof. Finally, this has come to an end. And it came from an unlikely source.

Bulgarian journalists investigated the mystery of how the terrorists were getting their hands on such lethal foreign weapons. We still know who supports the terrorist groups, but we never knew the exact details on how it works. So, how does the scheme of supporting the terrorists really work?

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According to the investigation, the United States acquire weapons for their client states (Afghanistan being the most prominent recipient of such weapons, officially at least) in third countries, mostly European. Since shipping the weapons is the responsibility of the buyer, in this case, the United States, much of the weapons end up “somewhere else” i.e. given to the infamous “moderates”. That’s how Serbia, Bulgaria, and most likely many other countries get tricked into selling their weapons to terrorists.

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