MAJOR: Leaked PHOTOS of US-puppet Guaidó with Colombian narcoparamilitaries emerge


CARACAS – Venezuelan opponent Juan Guaidó took pictures with Colombian narcoparamilitary leaders while reportedly receiving help from them to cross his country’s border with Colombia in February.

The photos were made public by the accusation of Wilfredo Cañizares, activist and leader of the Colombian Non-Governmental Human Rights Organization Foundation for Progress in the North of Santander (FPNS). According to Cañizares, the mysterious passage of Guaidó from Venezuela to Colombia was made with the help of Colombian criminals.

On the occasion, Juan Guaidó went to the neighboring country to attend an event called Venezuela Aid Live, whose purpose was supposedly to bring humanitarian aid to Venezuela from Colombian territory in February this year, but revealed just to be a big financial scam. Guaidó had been banned by the Venezuelan courts from crossing the border.

In the photos posted on Wilfredo’s Twitter, you can see Guaidó with Albeiro wolf Quintero, known as Brother, and John Jairo Durán, known as El Menor, both leaders of the Los Rastrojos criminal organization. The photos were taken on February 22, the day before Guaidó attended the event that took place in Cucuta, Colombia.

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“We said it from day one: the entrance to Colombia on February 23 of Mr
@jguaido. It was coordinated with the Stubble. Here are the armed brother, and the second in command of this paramilitary group, aka the youngest,” Wilfredo said on Twitter.

From day one we said that Juan Guaidó’s entry on February 23 in Colombia was coordinated with Los Rastrojos. Here are Brother Armed and the second in command of the paramilitary group, El Menor.

Criminal organization

According to Alberto Ravell, spokesman for Juan Guaidó, the Venezuelan deputy and opponent did not know who were the people who helped him cross the border.

Los Rastrojos is a criminal organization that profits from drug trafficking and the illegal gold trade in Colombia, reported the Semana Web site.

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