MAJOR: Maduro announces arrival of Russian military experts in Venezuela


CARACAS – Two Russian aircraft with military technical specialists are in Venezuela, President Nicolas Maduro announced during a speech on Twitter.

A few days ago, the Venezuelan president returned from Moscow, where he had met with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“[Russian President Vladimir] Putin has confirmed all his political, diplomatic and military support for Venezuela and the world … The support came a few days ago,” Nicolás Maduro said during the speech on Twitter.

The president announced that two Russian planes with the staff of the military-technical support committee have landed in Venezuela, the Russian specialists are already in the country.

“Those who had arrived at the beginning of the year left and a new team came,” added Maduro.

Earlier, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin said that work on military technical collaboration between Russia and Venezuela on the supply of spare parts and the establishment of maintenance centers is being carried out on schedule. According to him, the collaboration between the two countries is linked, first of all, to Russia’s obligations regarding the maintenance of military equipment of Russian production that was previously acquired by Venezuela.

Moscow – Caracas Relations

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Between Moscow and Caracas stable diplomatic relations were formed. In 1996, the countries signed the Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation. Russia defends a peaceful regulation of the divergences in Venezuela and is completely against any external interference.

Earlier this week, Maduro warned that the US is trying to disrupt the country’s parliamentary elections because “they cannot win” otherwise. The local parliament is currently run by the US-backed opposition.

The United States may try to sabotage Venezuela’s legislative elections scheduled for 2020, Maduro said in an interview with Russia’s Rossiya 24 TV broadcast on Monday.

“I can already warn the international community that the current US government, with its extremist policy and unconventional war against Venezuela, is disrupting parliamentary elections,” he said.

Washington wants to meddle in the next vote because “they know they can’t win,” Maduro added.

The Venezuelan Parliament is currently controlled by a coalition of opposition parties whose leader, Juan Guaidó, declared himself the country’s “interim president” in January, openly challenging Maduro’s government.

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