MAJOR: Mont Blanc Glacier on Verge of Collapse (VIDEO)


Mont Blanc, Italy – Climate change is real. The causes, the consequences, ways to fight it, the very question whether we should even try to resist these changes is a matter of a very complex debate. Still, saying there’s no climate change and that we shouldn’t be concerned about the consequences of such changes would be unwise, to say the least. The very question as to how we stop this process soon might turn into a question of how do we actually adapt to this new reality. And the reality looks rather grim when it comes to the sheer magnitude of the changes.

Authorities in the Italian Alps have evacuated mountain cabins and closed off roads after experts warned the Planpincieux glacier at the foot of Grandes Jorasses mountain in the Mont Blanc massif could collapse at any moment. Aerial footage filmed at Grandes Jorasses mountain on Wednesday shows the extent of the glacier and the area on the verge of collapse. According to experts, a 250,000 cubic meters (8.8 million cubic feet) section of ice is sliding at a rate of 50-60cm (16-23 inches) each day and could collapse at any time. Reportedly, there is no imminent danger to villages in the area.

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