MAJOR: Putin Meets Malaysian PM and Discusses New Impartial MH-17 Crash Investigation (VIDEO)


Vladivostok, Russian Federation – During the Eastern Economic Forum in Russia’s Far East, Russian President Vladimir Putin met with dozens of world leaders and discussed various matters, especially those concerning possible business deals. The Russian President also held a meeting with the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

This was the first time that Malaysia had taken part in the Eastern Economic Forum. Apart from business deals and Malaysia’s interest in acquiring Russian technologies, with a special emphasis on space technology, which is a field in which Russia excels, another crucial issue was discussed.

With both Russia and Malaysia being very frustrated with the way the MH-17 crash investigation had been conducted thus far, both leaders expressed their readiness to conduct an independent and thorough investigation of the tragedy. MH-17 had been heavily politicized by the West, with the obvious goal of denigrating Russia. Both countries want to put a stop to it for the sake of the truth.

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