MAJOR: Real Reasons for the Impeachment Push are Trump’s Opposition to Globalism and Telling Zelensky to Fix Corruption and Restore Relations With Russia (VIDEOS)


WASHINGTON – Several days ago, the congressional hearing of the US Director of National Intelligence was conducted. Joseph Maguire was summoned to talk about the call between Trump and Zelensky. For four hours, the officer explained his employees’ actions, who had eavesdropped on the call, then leaked it to the press. It’s thanks to this whistleblower complaint that President Trump is now threatened with impeachment. Trump has already held a personal meeting amid that with Zelensky, who is becoming, unexpectedly for himself, a noticeable tool in the American election campaign.

The actions of the DNC imply that they are an integral part of the Deep State. Although Trump is an American nationalist and we can in no way show support for him personally, still, the words he uttered in front of the United Nations General Assembly sent shockwaves across the world. The neoliberal elites, determined to control the entire world and oppress everyone under their jackboot of degeneracy, fear these word more than anything.

Their project is finally coming to an end, as the bastion of neoliberalism, the United States of America seems to be slipping from their absolute control. Is this going to make the world a better or safer place anytime soon? Hardly. But it shows there is hope. It shows that neoliberalism can be defeated. Trump may not look like the best solution for this, but at the moment it’s the only one we’ve got in the West.

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