MAJOR: Russia and Syria Rebuilding Palmyra (VIDEO)


Palmyra, Syria – Terrorist savagery is often thought of as something horrendous happening only to humans and/or other living creatures. But these are just some of the most striking examples of their barbarity. Terrorists also destroy cultural and/or historical legacy of the targeted society. There are countless examples of this. In Europe, the NATO-occupied Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohia is the most striking example. In this particular example, Albanian terrorists (they are known as some of the most abominable terrorists in Syria, as this video shows) are shown destroying millennium-old Serbian historical and cultural heritage. Of course, the West supported Albanian terrorists. Serbia bravely stood its ground and fought both the West and terrorism for the whole 9 years. However, it all came at the worst historical moment possible. The time when Russia was on its knees.

Syria has been under a similar attack. The West wanted the country to surrender. Syrian people refused. Soon, “human rights violations” were everywhere. Terrorists started flocking from all over the world. The West armed them. The brave Syrian people have been fighting them since 2011. Hundreds of thousands have been killed. But just like in Serbia, the Western-supported terrorists didn’t just kill people. They also wanted to erase monuments of Syria’s magnificent past. Ancient towns, cities, churches, mosques, etc. were destroyed, burnt or razed to the ground. Syria’s (and world’s) most valuable historical and cultural treasures were destroyed. However, the loss of Syria’s heritage would’ve been much worse had it not been for Russia, the sole remaining military superpower able to resist the well-known imperialist juggernaut.

Now, Russia isn’t just helping Syria militarily. Syrian authorities and Russia have also been working on restoring the ancient city of Palmyra to its former glory. Western-dominated UNESCO doesn’t show due diligence toward the destroyed monuments of the country, although they’re all cleared of mines. Russian sappers made sure of that. What is the thing that prevents them to help? Indifference, lack of resources, or is it the (geo)politics of their main financial backers?

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