MAJOR: Russia says terrorist drones in Syria are made with western technologies

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MOSCOW – Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Oleg Syromolotov said terrorists in Syria use drones with western technologies to attack Russian military installations.

Speaking at the second international conference on “Counteracting illegal arms supplies in the context of the fight against international terrorism “, Oleg Syromolotov stated that the Russian Foreign Ministry classifies the problem of the use of unmanned aerial vehicles by terrorists in Syria as very serious. According to him, the problem has a global importance.

“We regularly report the massive use of such equipment to organize attacks on Russian bases in Syria. As a result, the architecture of these drones is not artisanal,” said Syromolotov.

The deputy minister added that according to experts, these drones use western military technologies.

In view of these facts, Oleg Syromolotov stressed that Moscow considers it necessary to “establish cooperation on this matter with all counter-terrorism partners in order to develop countermeasures of both international and technological legal nature.”

This comes as in their new development, US Air Force investigators recently completed a multi-hour flight test that turned a Cessna 206 into an unmanned aircraft.

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Researchers from the Air Force research lab and aerospace company DZYNE Technologies on August 9 completed a two-hour flight from their collaborative program known as ROBOpilot.

The center said in the statement that the robot operating the aircraft receives orders from the computer, which in turn uses GPS-like sensors measuring the state of the situation and gathering information.

They explained that all of this was accomplished without the need to make definitive modifications to the aircraft.

Among the aircraft models that may be equipped with ROBOpilot technology are the older models of the F-16.

According to the Mitchell Institute, its vision for the future of unmanned military aircraft will involve a computer system not dependent on human control, such as a drone, that will be completely autonomous.

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