MAJOR: Russian defense intercepts terrorist drones near its Syrian air base


LATAKIA, Syria – Two terrorist drones were destroyed near the Russian Hmeymim air base in Syria without causing material damage or casualties, the Russian Ministry of Defense reports.

“On September 3, at about 9:20 pm Moscow time, the Russian air control systems identified two unmanned aerial vehicles maneuvering at some distance from Hmeymim’s Russian air base. The drones were approaching the air base from the northwest direction,” said the Ministry Information.

The Russian military department reported that the base’s air defense has neutralized drone attacks and that the base is operating normally.

The Russian air base had been attacked in this way before, most recently in August, when six suicide drones launched from the Syrian Idlib province attempted to break its defenses.

Hmeymim Air Base is located near the Syrian province of Latakia. It was created in 2015 as the main base of the Russian contingent that helped the Damascus government fight terrorists and Islamic State militants who at one time controlled much of Syria.

In May, terrorists from the Al-Nusra Front attempted to attack the Hmeymim Russian Air Base in Syria with multiple rocket launchers, the Russian Ministry of Defense said.

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Air base defense forces were able to repel the terrorist attack by destroying two drones at a fairly long distance from the base, the ministry statement said.

“At the same time, from the north and northeast the Russian air defense systems detected two unmanned terrorist air vehicles approaching Hmeymim. Russian air base air defense forces managed to destroy all unmanned aerial vehicles at a fairly long distance from the base,” reads a ministry statement.

According to the ministry, the attack caused no material damage and left no one injured.

In addition, the ministry said that from the Idlib descaling zone the terrorists launched six rockets, but the Russian air defense forces managed to eliminate all rockets.

Russia and Syria signed in 2015 a contract to deliver the Hmeymim airfield to the Russian side on a free basis, allowing the placement of Russian military in the territory. In September of the same year, the aerodrome was home to the Russian Aerospace Force air group.

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