MAJOR: Saudis Claim They Have Evidence of Iran Attacking Their Oil Facilities (VIDEO)


RIYADH – A few days ago, Riyadh announced that it has evidence of Iran’s alleged involvement in the attacks on their oil facilities. The Wahhabi kingdom’s defense ministry said that these were high-precision missiles and UAVs, of a stealthy delta-wing design, flying at a very low altitude, not from Yemen, but from the north, with the support of Tehran.

Of course, the United States supported these ridiculous claims for two reasons: A) It’s a perfect opportunity to demonize Iran and give the U.S another excuse to send in more troops to the Middle East and “protect the stability of the region”. And B) It is supposed to ease the effect that the Houthi drone attack had on the already not-so-great reputation of America’s air defense systems. Which in turn is also suitable for the Saudi leadership, which now looks quite stupid for spending dozens of billions of dollars on these horribly performing systems.

A few days earlier, Saudi Arabia announced that it allegedly fully restored oil supplies to its customers. This turned out to be very useful for Trump, who decided not to open the American oil reserves. But the White House doesn’t refuse military support for their “ally”. U.S. troops are allegedly standing by. The U.S. Secretary of State left for the kingdom’s capital, Riyadh.

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