MAJOR: Ukrainian Shells Explode just 40 Meters From OCSE Observers’ Position (VIDEO)


KIEV/DONBASS – OSCE observers came under fire in Donbass yesterday. According to the Joint Center for Control and Coordination, it happened in Kominternovo. The observers and the center’s representatives arrived there to record the effects of shelling that happened a day prior.

This isn’t the first time OSCE came under fire from the Ukrainian Army. It also happened in early July. Ukrainian Army’s leadership is well aware of the fact that OSCE reporting independently about the war is not in their interest.

The Western-installed puppets want to portray Russia, or at least Novorossiya as the aggressor, which means they don’t really want the truth to come out. Thus far, OSCE’s reports have been very different from Ukraine’s version of “truth”.

An OSCE report from late May confirmed that shelling has actually doubled after Zelensky took office and according to earlier reports from 2018, (now former) OSCE chief has also reiterated that they did not find any evidence of Russian troops invading Ukraine, both in late October and early November.

Earlier in October 2018, this was also confirmed by former Ukrainian Foreign Minister Leonid Kozhara. In one instance during mid-September 2018, Ukrainian troops even shelled their own positions prior to the arrival of OSCE observers, just to keep the “Russian invasion” trope alive.

In August 2018, Ukraine even tried showing “evidence” of Russia transporting tanks in humanitarian aid trucks. However, an OSCE drone confirmed that the Russian humanitarian aid trucks were transporting… well, humanitarian aid.

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