MAJOR: US Preparing Japanese and South Korean Bases For Nuclear-Capable Missiles Deployment (VIDEO)


WASHINGTON/MOSCOW – Unfortunately, not much has changed since the end of the Cold War. The Americans regularly say one thing but then they do something completely different. Basically, they are building up their launch sites in close proximity to the Russian border. East and Southeast Asia is a region that is of particular interest for the United States. It’s not surprising that over twenty US military bases operate there already. The biggest bases are located in Japan, South Korea, and in the Philippines.

Russia isn’t pleased by the USA’s intentions to deploy new missiles in Japan and South Korea. The missiles in question were banned by the now-defunct INF Treaty. Next, the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty is on the line. The USA may not extend it. But then, the whole world system of checks and balances would collapse. Moscow is ready for new negotiations. Putin recalled that he talked about it with Trump in Osaka.

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