MAKS 2019 Sets a New Record (VIDEO)


MOSCOW – MAKS 2019 exceeded all expectations. More than 500,000 visitors attended this year’s Moscow Air Show. More than 80 companies from 30 countries around the world took part in the Air Show. The latest products from the biggest corporations were shown. Sukhoi and MiG showed their latest products. The new MiG-35, Su-57, heavy stealth strike drones such as the new S-70 Okhotnik-B (lit. Hunter-B), military helicopter gunships, etc. were the highlights of the Air Show.

However, the event didn’t just cover military tech. Civilian products of Russia’s resurgent aviation industry, such as new jet airliners and civilian helicopters were shown as well. The sheer number of visitors, both domestic and foreign showed that Russia could simply not be isolated by sanctions. Hundreds of contracts with companies from around the world also prove this. The 2019 MAKS air show was the third show held after the sanctions were imposed. But it affected neither the brilliance of the flights nor the business agenda.

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