NATO plans to maintain dominance, new document reveals


As part of its new military strategy, NATO intends to conduct experimental methods of countering threats from various spheres at the same time.

On Saturday, Military Committee chairman Stuart Peach said that this new strategy should make it possible to maintain superiority against potential opponents.

NATO’s renewed strategy this spring has been approved by the Military Committee, the Alliance’s top military body, and is aimed at adapting to changing security challenges and also determining the pathways to effective containment.

Military strategy is a confidential document

On Saturday, NATO Military Committee chairman Air Force Marshal Stuart Peach revealed some points of the strategy in his speech during a meeting in Slovenia where the issues of containment and defense in the Euro-Atlantic region will be discussed. of the concept of conducting military operations.

He explained that this year, for the first time since 1967, there was signed a new NATO military strategy. It supports the so-called three main objectives of the North Atlantic Alliance – collective defense, crisis management and collective security.

According to Peach, the developed conceptions will also allow to define the priority of the capabilities, the development of the forces and the experimentation to the opposition to the challenges. This will allow NATO to maintain superiority over potential or actual opponents, will allow us to carry out our core missions, in his view.

NATO Military Committee

NATO’s Military Committee is the Alliance’s top military body that is responsible for advising the chief political decision-making body – the North Atlantic Council, as well as the Nuclear Planning Group.

NATO must change with the times to ensure the alliance can continue to deter and defend in the Euro-Atlantic, Peach said. “The security challenges we face together as allies — all 29 of us — are becoming global,” the air chief marshal said. “The values-based system that we all share … is put under pressure.”

The chairman pointed to Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea in 2014 and its continued destabilization of Eastern Ukraine as just one example of the pressure the alliance is under.

“Another area where we see that challenge is the fight against terror,” he said. “As we recall 18 years since 9/11 this week, NATO has played a key role in fighting terrorism. It was the first and only time Article 5 was invoked.”

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