ONE-MAN ARMY: Czech Chains Himself to the Soviet War Memorial, Prevents Blatant Historical Revisionism (VIDEO)


PRAGUE – In the capital of the Czech Republic, one of the activists advocating for the preservation of the monument to Marshal Ivan Konev chained himself with a metal chain to the pedestal. He stated that he’s against the historical revisionism and the blatant rewriting of the history of World War Two and that the Czechs should respect those who liberated them from the brutal Nazi occupation. He added that he’s against the transfer of the monument to the Soviet commander because he learned about World War Two from his grandfather, who fought in the war. The police haven’t taken any measures yet.

Early in September, a spontaneous rally was held in Prague near the monument to the legendary Soviet Marshal. Citizens were trying to protect it from the local authorities. Ivan Konev was a double recipient of the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, as well as Hero of the Czechoslovak Republic. He was also an honorary citizen of Prague. The district administration claims they don’t have funds and, apparently, desire to clean and protect the monument.

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