People Love the ‘Butcher’: Journalists and Hundreds of Displaced Families Return Home in Northwestern Syria (PHOTOS/VIDEO)


Hama, Syria – A media delegation that comprises nearly 60 media outlets from Europe, Asia, and Latin America visited the towns of southern Idlib and northern Hama to inspect the situation of these areas after they had been liberated from terrorists, and the basic services provided by the legitimate Syrian government to the returnees.

The video shows dozens of journalists freely investigating the liberated areas

Apart from journalists, hundreds of refugee families returned to their homes in the countryside areas of the provinces of Idlib and Hama in northwestern Syria just weeks after the Syrian Arab Army pushed terrorists back from the territories. The “Assad the Butcher” trope quickly goes away as people themselves are the living proof of the absolute failure of the Western mainstream media propaganda.

The Syrian people have been living under the jackboot of “moderate” head-choppers and “freedom and democracy” for years and they are sick and tired of it. All they really want is to finally live in the peace and security of being “oppressed” by “Assad the Butcher”. And who could ever blame them?

Photo Album: “Yay, oppressed at last!”:

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