Putin and Zelvensky talk on phone after prisoner swap


MOSCOW – Russian President Vladimir Putin had a telephone conversation with his Ukrainian counterpart Vladimir Zelensky, the Kremlin press service said on Saturday.

According to Kremlin, the conversation was held at the initiative of the Ukrainian chief executive.

The press service of the Russian president reported that the leaders of Russia and Ukraine positively evaluated the recent prisoner exchange, emphasizing its humanitarian aspect, vital for the normalization of relations between two countries.

“During an exchange of views on the prospects for organizing the Normandy Summit, the Russian President noted the need to continue the comprehensive preparatory work for the next meeting in this format so that the meeting will bear fruit and can really facilitate the implementation of high-level agreements, and especially the package of measures under the Minsk agreements,” added the Kremlin press service.

The presidents agreed to maintain contact in the future.

Yesterday, the official of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, said the simultaneous exchange of Russian and Ukrainian prisoners is the result of political will and systematic work. This trend needs to be maintained.

The plane with released Russian prisoners in Ukraine landed yesterday at the Vnukovo International Airport in Moscow. Among them was journalist Kirill Vyshinsky, head of the RIA Novosti Ukraine portal.

“Although there are objective provocations and difficulties, the process has happened. It is a very important step. We must maintain as much as possible this tendency to solve problems rather than aggravate them. Political will and systematic work bear fruit,” wrote Zakharova on her Facebook account.

“The constant anti-Russian rhetoric will not help the country solve the real political and economic problems. Taking concrete steps is the best algorithm of actions,” said the Russian diplomat.

In addition, the Chairman of the Russian Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Konstantin Kosachev, commented on the event, highlighting the humanitarian aspect of it.

“With all the political significance of the exchange that has taken place… I would like to highlight first of all the humanitarian aspect of this event,” Kosachev wrote in his Facebook account.

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