Putin Approves Additional 18 Billion Rubles to Help Residents in Irkutsk After Visting Flooded Cities in Eastern Siberia (VIDEO)


Irkutsk, Russian Federation – More than 18 billion rubles ($278 million) were allocated in total to eliminate the consequences of the large-scale flood in Irkutsk Oblast. The restoration of destroyed housing, schools, hospitals, roads, and infrastructure should be completed within four years. The schedule and scope of work in the Angara region were discussed today at a cabinet meeting held by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

On Monday, on his way to the Far East, President Vladimir Putin flew to the town of Tulun for the second time. It’s a settlement in Irkutsk Oblast, the hardest hit by a flash flood in late June. The President met with residents, rescuers, and the region’s leadership. In Irkutsk Oblast, frosts are expected in the near future, and thousands of people are still left homeless. The Russian President’s conversation with the authorities was tough. Putin promised the Tulunians that he would come again if the need arose.

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