Putin Calls For Idlib To be Retaken From Al-Qaeda (VIDEO)


ANKARA – A trilateral summit involving Russia, Iran, and Turkey was held in Ankara earlier today. The efforts of Russia, Turkey, and Iran helped stabilize the situation in Syria, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated during the summit. He reiterated Russia’s and his personal support for Syria and its legitimate government and called on the world to help rebuild Syria, which has suffered 8 years of incessant, bloody, foreign-instigated war, which ruined Syria’s economy and caused hundreds of thousands of both civilian and military deaths.

Russian President praised the constructive role of his counterparts in finally resolving the war in Syria. Vladimir Putin emphasized the importance of the return of refugees to their homes, as well as the urgent need to start the reconstruction process of Syria’s devastated economy and infrastructure. However, in order to do this, he stressed the importance of reinstating Syria’s control over the entirety of its territory, with a special emphasis on Idlib, which is seeing increased activity of Al-Qaeda.

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