Putin on Moscow Protests: The Law is the Same for Everyone (VIDEO)


MOSCOW – The protests in Moscow are getting a lot of coverage in the Western media. The rallies have been covered by the most prominent media in the West and what’s symptomatic of their coverage is showing the protests as if Putin might fall any minute now. In reality, the number of protesters is much, much less than “tens of thousands” as claimed in the West. And even if there really were 100,000 people in the streets, that’s on a level of a statistical error in a city with a population of 12,000,000.

Putin agreed that protests are a sign of a democratic society and that protests ensure that leaders will stay in-line with their promises. He stated that he understood the motivation of many of the protesters, but he also noted that patriotism and national interests should always come first and foremost and that the protesters should act in line with interests of the country instead of just their personal interest.

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