PUTIN TO UKRAINIANS: We’re Two Parts of the Same People (VIDEO)


Vladivostok, Russian Federation – While the Eastern Economic Forum in Russia’s Far East was taking place, Russian President Vladimir Putin was asked about the possibility of an earlier prisoner exchange between Ukraine and Russia, which had already been postponed before. Apart from reiterating his readiness to do so, the Russian President also talked about the imminency of the improving contacts between the two countries and added:

“In terms of historical perspective, the exchange is bound to happen. Our relations will be back to normal. We’re two parts of the same people, I’ve repeatedly stated that. Speaking of the short-term prospects, they primarily depend on the current Ukrainian government.”

Earlier, during an interview with Oliver Stone, Putin placed an emphasis on the common roots and Orthodox Christian religion of the Ukrainian and Russian peoples and compared those to the values of the Western world, to which the Western-installed government of Ukraine officially aims to join.

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