Putin’s Focus on Development of Russian Far East (VIDEO)


Vladivostok, Russia Federation – The recently finished international forum (Eastern Economic Forum) is an important event. But when flying to Vladivostok, Putin always pays attention to the development of the entire Russian Far East. We couldn’t say that the president is pleased with the general dynamics, so he listens a lot to people living in the region and delves into their problems. The Ministers’ reports aren’t enough for Putin. Live communication gives him not only energy but also the most valuable material, from which projects and assignments are born.

Russian Far East is crucial, although relatively sparsely populated region which connects Russia with the fast-growing Asia-Pacific region. Cities like Vladivostok and Khabarovsk are the centers of development of the Russian Far East. Despite better nominal GDP per capita growth than the rest of the country, people leave the region on a small, but constant scale. Recent agreements during the Eastern Economic Forum will likely result in a surge of Japanese, Indian and Chinese investments, which will help the region’s economic development.

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